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This page documents some common words and phrases that are used throughout this site and when discussing Preconstruct.

single-package repo

A repository which only contains a single package which is at the root of the repo


A repository that contains multiple packages, this is sometimes also referred to as a multi-package repo but we use monorepo because it is what is predominantly used in the JS ecosystem. This is generally linked together with a tool such as Yarn Workspaces, Bolt or Lerna. Note that this is different from the definition of monorepo that is sometimes used which describes a monorepo as a single repo for an organisation/project. Even though this is the original definition, the meaning of the term has evolved into the definition we use within the JavaScript community.


Something that is intended to be imported from outside a package with an associated source file and build types


A set of entrypoints with dependencies that is generally published to a package registry such as npm


The overarching structure where all Preconstruct commands are run with a set of packages and global config

build type

A file or group of files that Preconstruct outputs that is differentiated by its module type, whether it is intended for the browser or etc.


Modules that shouldn't be bundled and should instead be left as imports